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Learn the solid foundation of the Wyckoff method

The Premium Bar-by-Bar Trading Techniques

Learn how to read the market bar by bar via price and volume, a method used by many successful pro traders

Wyckoff Tape Reading Crucial to Learn If You Want to Make Money in the Markets

Trade Mindfully

The Wyckoff Method

How to read the market, bar-by-bar, on any timeframe from a 1-minute chart to a monthly chart.

What high volume and abnormal volume activity mean

What low volume and dullness mean

What the range of a bar means, including narrow and wide range bars

What climactic action means, how to see it, and how to trade it.

How to tell if a pullback is likely to continue the trend

Bag holding and capping the market.

What to look for that creates the end of a move and the beginning of a pullback

Premium Bar-by-Bar

What it means when the market is absorbing supply for a larger move up and how to see this
A key price and volume indication that portends the end of a trend

Thinking in terms of waves and the use of the Weis Wave

Shortening of the thrust in price bars and waves
Effort vs result and when this becomes important

Clustering of closes and what it means

Trend lines and trend channels, reverse use of trend lines, confluence, and axis lines

No demand, no supply, tests, springs and upthrusts

What to look for when the market changes its behavior – key indications in price and volume that tell this pullback is likely to be bigger than prior pullbacks

Principles & Trades

Momentum, new momentum, what it means and how to trade

Key reversals and hidden upthrusts

Using multiple time frames

How to use multiple time frames for day and swing trading

How to plan for your trading day or trading week

Confirmation and disconfirmation and why these are vitally important to your trading success

Shakeouts—ordinary and terminal, bottom reversals, top reversals.

Detailed trade setups you can immediately apply to your trading

And more …

The Wyckoff Tape Reading + Weis Wave

The Wyckoff tape reading coupled with the Weis Wave is the ultimate solution for traders seeking clarity, confidence, and profitability.

Dr. Gary “the Wallstreet Traders Coach”

Dr. Gary teaches the Wyckoff method “in such a simple and concise manner.” Many traders have learned not only the Wyckoff method but also a winning traders mental game and process at TradeMindfully.com.

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Dr. Gary Dayton: Trade Mindfully

Dr. Gary the Wallstreet Traders Coach

Dr. Gary’s Premium Bar-by-Bar

If you are frustrated with your trading, if your trades worked yesterday but failed today, If your indicators trigger lots of trades and many result in losses, you would want to get this course – learn the Wyckoff tape reading to change your trading results

The Wyckoff Method

The time-tested trading method, the bar by bar market analysis, used by many successful traders, for you analyze market movements and make informed decisions.

The Weis Wave

The reliable indicator, invented by David Weis, the Wyckoff Wizard, demonstrates the market volumes to show your the end of trends and pinpoint the winning trades

The Wyckoff Tape Reading

The Wyckoff tape reading will open your eyes This is the ultimate solution for traders who want to make money in the markets.

The Wyckoff Tape Reading with the Application of the Weis Wave

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Learn & Profit from the Market

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Dr. Gary’s Premium

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Dr. Gary’s Premium Bar-by-Bar

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Everyone Deserves The Chance To Profit from the market


Student Feedback

Edward G.

Member since April of 2023

“I used IBD around 2006-2009 and made a few good trades but not much. Tried getting back to it in 2021 but left it out of frustration. Read in a book that IBD does not practice what they preach but actually uses the Wyckoff method. That is where I heard about the Wyckoff method for the first time.
Started reading about Livermore, Darvas and Wyckoff.  Found [a Wyckoff related service] and spent a lot of money but could not make it work. Tape reading resonated with me but [this service] did not teach that.
Back to research and found [a Wyckoff training service]. Spent a lot of money on courses and learned a lot about trading ranges and tape reading but could not apply it and make money.
Back to research and found Dr. Gary Dayton’s work. Decided to spend more money. But for the first time I can tape read and apply Wyckoff.  Money well spent.”

Bill Wermine

Assistant VP, Investment of Phillip Capital Management Sdn Bhd.

“I have never seen Wyckoff explained in such a simple and concise manner.  It was a total package: Market understanding, how to read price charts and market structure, momentum, trade setups with simple trade set up sheets.  Anyone who attends your program will have the tools and knowledge to trade profitably.  This is a rarity in the trading seminar industry.”
“If you understand the dynamics of emotions which drive your actions in the market, you can put them in their proper perspective.  Your webinar gives insight to proper perspective… I would highly recommend your webinar to other investors/traders because without understanding of emotions and how they affect your actions, you will be a loser no matter how much you know about technical analysis/Wyckoff or fundamental analysis.”

Bill H

Member since 2015

“I highly recommend Dr. Gary’s teaching of the Wyckoff method, if it wasn’t for his clear and down to earth style of teaching I would be out of the market.  I was truly lost until I took the Chart Reading Mastery Course and that connected a lot of the dots for me.
Dr. Gary gives 110% … As a student you will learn to read the market by it’s own actions, the market structure tied in with price and volume action, the higher and lower time frames, setting up your trade entries and exits.
Gary also works with you on the mental trading skills, the traders psychology which is critical to successful trading.
To keep you at the top of your game Dr. Gary has the Weekly Deep Practice session, just like a professional athlete you must always practice.  To quote Bill Belichick “Practice perfection equals game reality”.
So do yourself a tremendous favor and take your trading to the next level by joining Dr. Gary’s team.”

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

What does Dr. Gary teach?

Dr. Gary teaches the Wyckoff Method of trading – to read and trade the market by its own actions. Dr. Gary also helps trader build the necessary mental skills so they can maximize their trading potentials.

What is the Weis Wave?

The Weis Wave is an indicator. It was developed by David Weis, who was a Wyckoff wizzard. The Weis Wave demonstrates market volumes which is one of the keys to show market’s move.

What is the Wyckoff Method of Trading?

The Wyckoff method is a way of reading the market’s own actions to determine its likely next move. The Wyckoff method focuses on price action and volume and can be used a a stand-along method.
The method was developed by Richard Wyckoff, considered one of the titans of technical analysis. Wyckoff knew and studied the great traders of his day, assessing their buy and selling. Because he had such intimate knowledge of the large traders or “smart money,” he was able to translate their moves to the price and volume characteristics painted on a bar chart. From these observations, Wyckoff wrote courses on tape reading and trading. Although some of the material is dated and no longer applicable, the core of his method remains highly useful to traders in this day and will continue to be highly useful well into the future. Many professional traders apply the Wyckoff trading method in their trading.

Does the Wyckoff Method work in FX markets?

Yes. Because of the way the FX market is structured, there is no central exchange. Instead, it’s a collection of banks and other entities that don’t report volume. We substitute “tick volume,” which is available on most charting platforms. Tick volume tracks the number of times price changes within a bar and can be represented on the chart just like standard volume. Research studies have shown a high correlation (over 90%) between tick and actual volume. The use of tick volume has a long history in trading. Commodity traders used tick volume effectively when volume was not reported in a timely fashion in those markets. Wyckoff practitioners trading the FX markets use tick volume in their trading to gain the same insights as those from actual volume.


Everyone Deserves The Chance To Make Money in the Markets