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Change Your Mental Game to Change Your Trading Performance & Results

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“Trading is almost 99% mental once you get everything else down…this is the hardest part to get right. The book will help you work on your mental mistakes and shortcomings, teach you how to work your way out of a trading slump. Highly recommended if you’ve been holding yourself back from profits ie: cutting trades early, not respecting stops, hesitation jumping in, lack of confidence etc. The book will open your eyes to what you’ve been struggling.” from Chris T., Amazon Review

Mindfulness is a state of mind that helps traders remain focused on what really matters in a trade. Akin to “being in the zone,” mindful traders avoid becoming hijacked by strong emotions and faulty thinking that cause mistakes and costly losses.

Trade Mindfully extends the limits of trading psychology and offers a practical process for developing and mastering trading skills and abilities—both mental and technical. Applying professional sport psychology to trading, Dr. Dayton shows traders how to dynamically improve the way they trade, enhance their performance, and achieve mastery in trading.

In Trade Mindfully, Dr. Dayton addresses the following questions traders have:

  • What are the common mental traps that cause trading losses and missed opportunities?
  • What is mindfulness and why is it so beneficial to traders and their trading?
  • Is eliminating emotions from trading actually a good or bad idea? Why or why not?
  • How can sport psychology be applied to trading to positively impact traders’ skills and abilities?
  • In addition to psychological skills, what else can traders do to improve themselves mentally to become better traders?
  • What is the method traders can use to master their technical and mental trading skills and perform well in the market?
  • And many more

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You may download the Exercise forms and several of the mindfulness exercises found in the book.  Because of the limitations in the book’s formatting, some of the Exercise forms found in the book may be too small for practical use.  Therefore, we have rendered them full-size in a pdf file we will email to you.  Also, we have made audio files of several of the mindfulness exercises that you may enjoy.  There is no charge for these file.  Simply fill out the form below and you will receive these files shortly.

Albert Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Einstein could have been talking about trading when he made this remark. We have to think differently to overcome the universal mental challenges of trading. This book will show you how.

Developing Mental Agility

Mindfulness, as you will learn in this book, is a very different way of thinking than most of us are used to. Although it has its roots in Eastern traditions, modern scientific research shows that mindfulness has powerful ability to positively impact us psychologically, radically improve our decision-making, and even enhance the structure of our brains. Instead of struggling to try and control your unwanted thoughts and feelings, mindfulness and other advanced psychological techniques discussed in this book allow you to be a sort of mental aikido master where you can sidestep them and redirect your focus onto what’s really important, your trade.

Psychology and the Trading Process

It’s not sufficient, however, just to develop mental agility if you want to achieve excellence in trading. At its core, trading is a performance-based activity. What matters most in any performance activity is having and adhering to a process. This is highly relevant for trading. The more consistent we become in a sound process, the better we can apply our knowledge, skills, and abilities and the better our trading results will be, all other things being equal. This books shifts away from traditional psychological methods and techniques of trying to change one’s thoughts and emotions to applying psychology directly to the process of trading: how we prepare to trade, how we execute our trading, and how we evaluate our trading performance.

This is the first book about a trading psychology based on the power of mindfulness and the bedrock of process. The combination of a robust trading psychology process with mindfulness and other cutting-edge mental skills can help you excel in your development of both the psychological aspects and the technical aspects of trading.


Dr. Gary's Book: Trade Mindfully

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