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About Private Coaching

Are you hesitating to pull the trigger on perfect trade setups for fear of a loss? Do you cut winning trades short? Hang onto losing trades?  Jump into unplanned trades for fear of leaving money on the table?  If so, Dr. Gary’s private coaching can help.  Experienced traders know that trading is 90% psychological and to be good at trading, you need to have a solid mental game and develop essential mental trading skills and abilities.  And you need to be able to apply these skills to your trading real-time, as the market is moving.

The goal of private coaching is to enhance your trading performance.  Working one-on-one, Dr. Gary will teach you specific mental skills for trading and help you develop and apply these skills to trading.  Private coaching involves weekly one-to-one sessions conducted over Zoom lasting about an hour where you will learn new mental skills and psychological strategies on how best to apply them while trading. After the trader learns the basics and in addition to the one-on-one session, we will add a 10-15-minute check-up to the schedule where the trader “checks in” with Dr. Gary mid-week during the trading day. The check-in offers an opportunity to re-center and make adjustments in the skills learned in the formal session. As the trader develops more consistency, the frequency of sessions may be reduced to every other week or once a month, as the trader now has developed the skills and the ability to apply them effectively, with less need for outside help.  It is important to note that this is a gradual process.  You have been thinking in certain ways since childhood.  You will see progress and setbacks, but progress will be greater and setbacks milder and less frequent as you learn and build new mental skills, knowledge, and ability, and adopt new thinking and behavior.  As a general rule of thumb, the typical trader can expect the coaching process to last from three to six months, depending on the individual, the kinds of challenges faced, and their commitment to the process.

Benefit of private coaching

Help you develop and apply essential mental trading skills & abilities to maximize your trading potential and results


Improve focus and concentration

See market signals more clearly


Mininize Emotional Struggles

Enable you to stick to your plan and execute your trades better


Achieve consistent peak performance

Become calmer and more composed under pressure and be able to make better trading decisions

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