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  • Technology used to be the 'edge' that separate good traders from bad. Now that nearly every trader has access to the same charts, software, and order types, the real edge separating wealthy traders from failed ones is their mental approach to the markets. Trade Mindfully gives today's trader the tools they need to reach their peak earning potential by showing them how to maximize their profits through psychology. The way a trader 'thinks' about their trading and the markets has never been more important, and Dr. Dayton provides a step-by-step method for mastering the last true 'edge' traders have for making money in the markets.
    Tim Bourquin, co-founder, The Traders Expo and TraderInterviews.com
  • Gary Dayton's captivating book is a trailblazer, fusing the Eastern concent of mindfulness with a psychological model used in professional sports to tame the often unruly emotional world of trading. He explores how mindfulness can conquer emotional demons that derail traders, and offers specific exercises and practices to help the reader take command of their trading. Dayton's keen insights have been featured in the TraderPlanet magazine - he offers significant cutting-edge concepts that are a must-read for any trader looking to take their game to the next level.
    Lane J. Mendelsohn, founder and president of TraderPlanet.com