Today's Markets fluctuate frequently and offer great opportunities (and risks) for traders. Dr. Gary developed the new series of trading techniques to help traders focus on a particular trading technique so that they can better understand and be better able to read and trade the market by its own actions. In this tutorial, Dr. Gary teaches you the ABC Trade Setup. If we were to categorize trade setups into ‘good,’ ‘better,’ and ‘best,’ the A-B-C would be in the latter category. Trading techniques are recorded video tutorials. Price: $139

Dr. Gary's Trading Technique #2: the ABC Trade Setup

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  • The ABC Trade Setup is usually a reliable trade, with knowable risk at the “danger point,” and positive expectations for profit

  • A high-odds trade setup that occurs after the market is already in a trend, the ABC trade setup is in concert with the overall trend

  • Excellent for initiating a position and to pyramid

  • The ABC trade setup is discussed in terms of multiple time frames so you know what to look for across different time periods (e.g., daily and weekly/hourly and 10 or 15-minute)

  • The ABC works well in both up and down markets

  • Discussion of additional insights you can look for that add to the reliability of the trade

  • What Dr. Gary Dayton has done in his course 'ABC Trade Set Up' is to take a subjective concept and make it as objective as possible so that even a relative newbie can understand the set up and "see" it on the charts. Dr. Dayton has explained in great detail why this set-up works, conditions that need to be met, etc. so that it is not a set-up that is taken with a leap of faith but rather with confidence of a positive probability which is what experienced traders look for in a set-up/method. All aspects of Entry locations, Stop placement, Target locations have been covered. The icing on the cake is utilizing Volume as an indicator to further enhance an already excellent price action set-up. Although it is undoubtedly an excellent course on the ABC set-up and stands independent from anything else, I find it also works very well with some of the other set-ups/methods that I have learned from Dr. Dayton as they all dovetail together making "the whole greater than the sum of its parts."
  • Helen and Dr. Gary, I have been using this strategy all day to trade and it worked every time except once. I am grateful! I can’t wait to try live. Thank you!
    Deborah R. I.
  • I have never seen Wyckoff explained in such a simple and concise manner. It was a total package: Market understanding, how to read price charts and market structure, momentum, trade setups with simple trade setup sheets. Anyone who attends your program will have the tools and knowledge to trade profitably. This is a rarity in the trading seminar industry.
    Bill Wermine, Fund Manager, Malaysia
  • Paul
    Please let Dr Gary know that this was one of the best instruction on market behavior and chart reading. Probably like most traders, I've gone through quite a few courses and well over 100 books on trading that really didn't help me understand the markets behavior except for Dr. Gary.
  • I watched the videos several times. It´s a great help to dig down deep in only one market and in several intraday charts. The video shows clearly how to see the same things with different charts. How to assess the lack of demand or supply with the Weis Waves and with only the regular price and volume chart. Great Video, hope we have more soon.
    Javier Esteban
  • I found this video extremely helpful. Thank you so much.
    Kathy F